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    Make your own Christmas clanger

    This Christmas why not celebrate in true Bedfordshire style by making a festive Bedfordshire Clanger? The Bedfordshire Clanger is one of the county’s delicacies, there are only a few places left where you can pick up this pasty like treat, which is savoury at one end and sweet at the other. If you don’t fancy trekking all over the country trying to track one down, why not gather your cooking equipment and make yourself a festive one to enjoy this season?

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    Great places to stay in Bedfordshire this Christmas

    If you’re looking for a chance to sneak in one more quick break before the Christmas holidays, why not escape the hustle and bustle and visit Bedfordshire for a few days? The county is full of beautiful countryside and far reaching views, including the breathtaking Dunstable Downs and the charming village of Woburn among others.

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    Plan your perfect wedding in Bedfordshire

    If you got engaged this year – firstly congratulations! Secondly, you’re likely to be looking to tie the knot in the coming year, which means that rather than celebrating this time of year with your friends and family, you’re stressing about how many months you have left to find a venue.

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    Christmas events taking place around Bedfordshire

    This Christmas make sure you get into the festive spirit with our round up of great Christmas themed events taking place in Bedfordshire! Whether you’re looking for family fun, something for just the two of you, a traditional experience or something else entirely, you’ll find an event that suits you!

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