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  • image shows a man dressed as father christmas

    Where to find Father Christmas in Bedfordshire

    Looking to get into the spirit this festive season? Here’s our guide to where you can meet Father Christmas, start to feel merry and maybe even get a gift or two early (only if you’ve made it onto the nice list of course!)

  • Merry Chimp-mas
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    Merry Chimp-mas

    A troop of Endangered chimpanzees at the UK’s largest zoo have gone wild for early Christmas presents from zookeepers – marking the start of Christmas at Whipsnade Zoo.

  • Fantastic baby beasts –and where to find them!
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    Fantastic baby beasts – and where to find them!

    Two baby yaks named Tonks and Cedric have been captured on camera jumping for joy and bucking around the Dunstable Downs at Whipsnade Zoo - the magical new arrivals were given the monikers by zookeepers following their tradition of naming the yak family after characters from the beloved Harry Potter books. 

  • Precious Escargot: Extinct snails head back to the wild
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    Precious Escargot: Extinct snails head back to the wild

    Whipsnade zookeeper releases thousands of extinct snails back to French Polynesian islands.Thousands of Extinct-in-the-Wild tropical tree snails bred at British conservation zoos have been flown more than 15,000km, accompanied by a Whipsnade Zookeeper - to be reintroduced to their French Polynesian island home.

  • Peek-a-boo at Whipsnade Zoo

    Peek-a-boo at Whipsnade Zoo

    A Francois langur baby pokes his amber head out from his mum’s tender embrace, as Whipsnade zookeepers celebrate the new birth as part of a successful European breeding programme for the Endangered species.

  • Bedfordshire's parks win big at Green Flag Awards
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    Bedfordshire's parks win big at Green Flag Awards

    The Green Flag Awards have recognised and rewarded some of Bedfordshire’s best loved parks and green spaces. This year, a record 2,216 parks have received the award, with a host of greenspaces across Bedfordshire making the list.