• New art show to showcase Luton’s heritage
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    New art show to showcase Luton’s heritage

    The Luton Heritage Forum and Luton Historical Society have joined forces to host a series of events throughout 2022 to celebrate the town’s history and culture at the 33 Arts Centre.

  • image shows lions exploring a christmas tree
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    The not so secret Santa gift!

    Treat the animal lovers in your life to a wonderfully wild Christmas present this year from Woburn Safari Park. 

  • image shows spider monkeys
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    An early Christmas present for Woburn as a trio of baby monkeys arrive

    Woburn Safari Park is thrilled to announce the welcome arrival of three squirrel monkey babies. Although these primates aren't listed as endangered, they are under threat from deforestation and fragmentation of their habitat, so every new birth is a cause for celebration. The latest additions take the overall troop number at Woburn to just short of 25! 

  • image shows three elephants
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    Woburn Elephants’ No. 1 fans deliver tons of trees – it’s elephant-astic!

    For the past 20 years, the Asian Elephants at Woburn Safari Park have enjoyed their own specialized catering service in the form of tons of tree cuttings each month! Alongside the dedicated care they receive from their keepers, local gardeners Carole and Robert have been loyally donating a whole array of branches and leaves for the elephant herd… with no intention of stopping just yet either!

  • lemurs with a mask at woburn safari park
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    Spooktacular Events

    Join keepers in the Foot Safari for their daily talks and demonstrations, with a Halloween twist! 

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