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A new free family friendly mobile game has been launched to help you explore Central Bedfordshire and you can even compete and earn rewards!

Street Tag was launched on 1st August and allows players to collect points by scanning virtual tags while out and about in Central Bedfordshire. The tags are located all across the county including parks, libraries, leisure centres and other places of interest. The app logs your activity and will show how many tags you’ve found in a leader board, allowing you to compete with other residents and visitors.

Cllr Tracey Stock, Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Commnunities at Central Bedfordshire Council, told reporters: “Street Tag is a great way to get active and explore some of the great places that Central Bedfordshire has to offer.

“By turning Central Bedfordshire into a virtual playground, residents will be rewarded for the amount of activity they undertake whilst getting fit, having fun and competing with family and friends.”

Street Tag’s Founder, Seun Oshinaike, said: “Street Tag is both a fun and highly competitive game with the opportunity for people to engage in a variety of activities and competitions using their smart phones.”

Find out more about Street Tag here.