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Image: Keech Hospice Care

The Big Trunk Trail which aims to showcase the ‘unexpected treasures’ of Luton begins on 10th July and will run until 8th October to help raise funds for Keech Hospice Care.

The Trail features 31 large artworks and 42 baby ones in the shape of elephants, with two of them in tribute to Nadiya Hussain, a winner of the Great British Bake Off, who was born there. Speaking to the BBC, she said: “As a mother, I know how hard it is to find things to do with the children over the summer holidays, so something outdoors, creative and free is perfect.”

A competition was held to find an adult and child to design the elephants dedicated to her – the winners have not yet been revealed, however, she has said that she has already chosen the winners and the designs have been painted. They will feature a cake, birthdays and baking as their themes.

The trail is in aid of Keech Hospice Care and the sculptures can be found all over Luton, including at Wardown park, Stockwood Park, the town hall, the railway station, the football club and on Park Street.

Speaking about the hospice, Nadiya Hussain said to the BBC, “I’ve been lucky enough to visit Keech before and was blown away by what they do.”

Liz Searle, the hospice’s chief executive, told reporters: “We chose elephants as a group of elephants are called a memory and that fitted perfectly as this year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary of delivering outstanding care. A hospice isn’t just about dying, we’re about living and making the most of the time we have left.”

Speaking about why Luton was chosen for the trail, she said: “Luton is an unexpected treasure, there is a lot for people to see, we are delighted to be showcasing and providing something exciting in what has been a difficult time. The town is up and coming and really developing, it has a strong, diverse community who are passionate about their identity and where they live.”

The elephants have all been sponsored by local businesses and designed by local artists.

Linsey Frostick, chair of Love Luton, who have partnered Keech Hospice Care to present the trail, told reporters that it is “like nothing the town has ever seen.”
She said one of the messages of the trail was to not forget what you have on your doorstep.

Once the trail ends in October, the elephants will be auctioned to raise funds for the hospice. Make sure to look out for them while travelling around Luton this summer!


Keech Hospice Care, organisers of The Big Trunk Trail
Themed Trail
Keech Hospice Care, organisers of The Big Trunk Trail

The Big Trunk Trail is a free art trail in around Luton’s landmarks and public spaces from the 10 July for 13 weeks.