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Help Your Property Stay Safe This Winter


15 October 2014

Police in Dunstable are appealing for information from the public after two houses on the same street were burgled over the weekend.

The properties in Crabtree Way targeted by burglars overnight between Saturday, (Oct 11) and Sunday, (Oct 12) when the offenders forced their way in through doors and took jewellery, electrical items and cash.

Detective Constable Steve Smith, investigating, is keen to trace witnesses to the burglars and also remind residents to take extra security measures now winter is on its way.

DC Smith said: “Making your house look and feel occupied at all times to stop burglars this winter is the advice we want the public to follow.

“Often the dark winter nights provide easy pickings for burglars with an increase in burglary numbers being recorded as the clocks go back at the end of October.

“It is known that burglars will not often target homes that are occupied and making sure your property looks and feels like someone is home can be all that is needed to keep your belongs safe.”

As part of the force’s winter Stay Safe initiative Bedfordshire Police would like to remind you that simple crime prevention measures really can make all the difference such as leaving the lights on in main rooms and keeping a radio switched on and tuned in to a talk radio station. Thieves are essentially lazy opportunists, and if they have to make a lot of noise, spend a lot of time, or risk being seen, they are unlikely to bother.

Make sure YOU follow our annual advice to make YOUR home secure and help Bedfordshire Police reduce the number of burglaries this winter.

•           Use your lights – keep them on a timer. Make sure they are switched on early even if you leave them on whilst going shopping or on the school run. And remember; use the lights in a main room and not in the hall way so it looks like someone is home.

•           Keep your radio switch on and tuned in to a talk station so it sounds like someone is at home.

•           Make sure your doors are securely locked at all times.

•           If you have UPVC door make sure they are double locked.

•           Lock all windows and fit restrictors – thieves can wriggle through any gap larger than a human head.

•           Fit locks at the top and bottom of patio doors.

•           Visible burglar alarms make burglars think twice – make sure you switch them on when you go out.

•           Never leave garages or sheds unlocked.

•           Check for weak spots and sagging fences on your boundary.

•           Stop a thief from getting into the back of the house where he can work unseen by fitting a strong, high gate across a side passage.

•           Be alert to strangers loitering in the street.  If you don’t recognise them or they are acting suspiciously, call the police.

•           Don’t hide your keys under the mat or in a flowerpot – it’s the first place they look.

•           Help us beat the bogus caller, always stop at the door, check the chain is on and verify the caller’s identification before opening your door.  IF IN DOUBT DON’T LET THEM IN.

•           Don’t forget to security mark all your property and register it on www.immobilise.com

•           Help the police return any stolen jewellery to its rightful owner by keeping a photographic record of your jewellery.

•           And finally remember, if a burglar does get in to your home handbags, wallets, and house or car keys are obvious targets, so please don’t leave them in a prominent position such as at the bottom of the stairs. Remember, the force Key Safe initiative and put your keys safely out of sight.

For more free crime prevention advice go to:

http://www.bedfordshire.police.uk/tackling_crime/protecting_you.aspx or


You can also email the Crime Reduction Team at crimereduction@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk or call Bedfordshire Police on 101.

If you have information relating to the burglaries in Dunstable you can contact DC Smith at Luton Police Station, in confidence, on 01582 394099, text information to 07786 200011 or Bedfordshire Police on 101.

Alternatively you can call the independent crime fighting charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.